5 Common Relationship Mistakes That Lead to Break Ups

So many couples out there could get their relationship to work and then be happy, in love and attracted to each other for life, but they just don’t know how to fix the relationship and get back on track.

Even though they started out well, the man or the woman ends up making a bunch of mistakes in the relationship that causes them to drift apart, or end in a sudden break up.

They were a great couple.

The relationship could have worked.

Yet, one or more of the following relationship mistakes caused eventually resulted in the whole thing ending in a break up:

1. Taking each other for granted.
2. Ineffective communication.
3. Giving her too much power.
4. Forgetting what is attractive to a woman.
5. Trying to suppress the other person’s emotional development.

The fact is, your relationship with a woman can either be one of the things that makes you feel happy and fulfilled in life, or it can be one of the things that causes you a lot of stress, frustration and unhappiness.

It really depends on how you approach it.

That’s the reality.

Of course, there are some horrible women out there who don’t deserve to be in a relationship with you and if you get into a relationship with one of those women, then dump her and get a better woman.

However, if you find yourself in a relationship with a good woman that you love and feel attracted to, then you have to know that it is possible to make the relationship work and last for life.

It is possible to keep the spark alive, be in love and be happy as a couple for life.

It really isn’t a difficult thing to do.

It all depends on how you approach the relationship and what kind of relationship dynamic develops as a result.

For example: If a guy uses an approach to the relationship that makes his woman feel like she is way more valuable than him, she will naturally begin to take him for granted.

She will begin to have a false sense of superiority over him and believe that she is more valuable than him, even when she isn’t.

On the other hand, when a man treats his woman well, but also makes her feel like she is lucky to be with him, then she will naturally feel motivated to treat him well, so she doesn’t lose him.

It can be the two exact same people, but when a different approach is used in the relationship, a different result is achieved.

A man can easily make his woman feel motivated to treat him well, be affectionate, loving and loyal to him for life.

It all depends on what relationship dynamic he creates and maintains.

Thankfully, it is a very simple and easy thing to do.

Millions of couples all around the world are able to do it, but millions aren’t and they end up having to break up, even though they were a great match and the relationship would have worked.

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